Are BYJU’S programs applicable for all classes?


BYJU’S learning programs are for students from LKG to Class 12. We also offer programs for competitive exams like JEE, NEET, and IAS.


How do I get started?

Download the app or connect with our team on   support.byjus@creativelt.com.


Do all programs have live-doubt solving?


Live doubt-solving feature is available as a part of BYJU’S Classes offering.



How is BYJU’S Classes different from BYJU’S – The Learning App?


BYJU’S Classes is a comprehensive online tutoring program. It brings together online classes by India’s top teachers along with instant doubt resolution. Your child can revise through extra classes with BYJU’S assigned teachers and access lessons on the BYJU’S app too. Additionally, BYJU’S Classes offer monthly tests along with comprehensive monthly progress reports.


Where can I track my child’s progress?


A child’s progress can be accessed through the Parent Zone section in the app. A progress report is available for every child and can be accessed by switching the profile.


What age group is Disney. BYJU’S Early Learn for?


The BYJU’S Learning App featuring Disney is a learning program for 4–8-year-olds in LKG to classes 1-3.


What subjects are covered in Disney. BYJU’S Early Learn?


Disney BYJU’S Early Learn App contains Maths and English content for children of LKG to class – 3. And Science content for children of classes 1 to 3.


Do BYJU’S learning programs need the internet?


Yes. Internet connection is required for the app to work unless you have bought a paid version that comes with an SD card.


Can I use BYJU’S apps by connecting to a laptop for a bigger screen?


No, we do not have screen mirroring/casting features enabled for our application.



I have downloaded the BYJU’S app but the screen is not loading, what do I do?


If the screen is stuck or not loading further, please uninstall and reinstall the app, making sure there’s an active internet connection to do so. If you’re still facing the issue, please send an email to support.byjus@creativelt.com along with details of your device and Operating System (OS) which will help us better troubleshoot the issue.

Do you provide customer support?


Yes, we provide customer support for all our enrolled users. You can write to us at support.byjus@creativelt.com