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Crafted for young children aged between 6-8 years, Disney. BYJU’S Early Learn app will offer personalized, interactive programs featuring Disney’s timeless stories and characters, including Frozen, Cars, Toy Story, Disney Princesses and more.

In-depth Concepts

Offer to build a strong foundation in basic concepts in a fun and interactive way. This will help children have a strong grasp over fundamental concepts.


Play and learn with Disney’s timeless stories and characters from Frozen, Cars, Toy Story, Disney Princesses franchises and more.

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Disney. BYJU’S Early Learn program for young minds

Personalised Programs

Customised smart learning journeys that adapt to every child’s individual learning patterns.

Comprehensive Learning

1000s of animated videos, games, stories, and quizzes will make learning memorable for young children.

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Immersive Experience

Hands-on practice and real-time feedback with digitally enabled worksheets will allow young minds to ‘learn-by-doing’ and receive qualitative feedback.

Interactive Learning Games

Designed to pique a child’s curiosity and imagination through increased engagement and attention.

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Disney. BYJU’S Early Learn program for young minds

Parent Zone

Real-time updates on the child’s progress allow parents to be closely involved in their child’s growth and development.

Rewards and Play

Recognizing the milestones to keep the child motivated and engaged. Every-level up, the child will get stickers and badges to celebrate their victories.

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Kickstart early learning with Disney. BYJU’S Early Learn